Quadriem Closed Beta

Welcome to the Quadriem Closed Beta

If you received an invite for the Quadriem closed beta, you can click the link below to join.

On Mobile Android

On a web browser

Request a Beta invite here quadriem@54bones.com

Attention Beta Testers:
Quadriem (PrototypeQ) is an ion drive quad jet with controls similar to videography drones and acro FPV racer drones.
The vehicle is 20m x 20m x 4m in size, and this app is not a simulator for toy drones. It is a simulation of a human piloted vehicle that has never existed before.

Bugs and feedback can be sent here quadriem@54bones.com

Items to test:

Testing Objectives: Our primary objectives for the closed beta testing is to determine:

1. Are there any significant sources of application crashes on different android versions or devices?

2. Do the free demo areas function as expected?

3. Does the quad fly as expected using drone controls?

4. Does your Xbox / PS4 compatible joystick function properly on menu and in-game?

  • Customization
    • Test the UI.
    • You should not be able to save customizations.
  • Training
    • Test the training program.
    • Bluetooth is not enabled for training programs.
  • Open world –
    • Test flying and dying with screen joystick mode
    • Test flying and dying with Bluetooth controller mode.
    • Test that your presets load/save properly and game audio settings load/save properly.
  • Main Menu
    • Pro locking, you should not be able to access any games that appear with a lock icon.
    • General spelling or grammatical errors.

Bluetooth joystick support:

Bluetooth controller support is active and enabled, available in the in game settings panel via the BT joystick icon. We have tested with XBOX, PS4, and Steel Series joysticks, if you have a joystick that is xbox/ps4 compatible, please test and let us know what brand works or doesn’t work. 

Bluetooth Menu Controls

Left stick – navigate cursor
Button A – Make Selection
Back Button – Exit to menu/ Back to parent category.

Bluetooth Controls During Flight

Left stick (Up/Down)  – Altitude  (Acro mode Y axis = throttle)
Left Stick (Left/Right) – Yaw Vehicle
Right Stick – Pitch fwd/back (Non acro up is throttle forward)
Right Stick (Left/Right) – Strafe left and right
Right Trigger – Fire guns
Left Trigger – Fire Missiles (10 at start, 3 after dying)
Right Bumper – Boost on/off
Button B – Cycle Cameras
Button X- Toggle Gimbal
Button Y – Open/Close Settings Panel
DPad (Left/Right) – Cycle Presets
DPad (Up/Down) – Change gimbal angle in FPV camera mode.
Back Button – Exit to menu

Feedback Suggestions

You are always welcome to send feedback/suggestions, but we will not be entertaining discussions about the following:

1. Changing controls to gamer controls and not drone controls
2. Support for RC transmitters ( at this time).

We would like to thank you for taking the time to test Prototype Q. 

Piracy Notice

We have zero tolerance for piracy or theft. Projects like this take years to develop, please respect the hard work of our team. Any attempts at copying, distributing, reverse engineering, or decompiling and reuse of any sections of code, graphics, audio, video, or digital intellectual property, without explicit written authorization from 54 Bones’ principal owners will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.