Quadriem Pro

Welcome to Quadriem Pro

Quadriem Pro immerses you in learning standard drone quadcopter controls with a suit of mini games including courses, ground skimming, and combat for hours of things to do using quad controls.


Quadriem is an ion drive quad jet vehicle piloted by a human/AI hybrid, you.
Pro version includes ultra smooth exponential screen joysticks just like your cinematic drones or acro FPV drones. Demo also features bluetooth joysticks compatible with xbox, ps4, razer and more.

Quadriem Pro Version Features

Many drone flight presets, including Tripod, Cinematic, Normal, Sport, Acro Low/Med/High all customizable and savable presets.

R/C Camera
Chase Camera
FPV drone camera

7 Training Modules

Basic quadcopter flight controls training module
Figure 8 drone/UAV flight training module
Flight stick training course for drone pilots
Endless open world generator to just fly free with no boundaries.
Minesweeper air to air combat training
Pursuit air to air chase training
Death from Above air to ground training
1v1 Dogfight training

6 Skill Mini Games

-Cinematic flight training area to practice while keeping reticle on a target POI with skill meter.
-Arches skill flight area
-Rings skill flight game
-Gems harvesting game
-Ground skimmer game
-Playground area for intermediate pilots.
Ship customization testing area, but you cannot save your changes in free demo.

6 Race tracks included with AI racers to race against in a wide variety of beautiful environments. All other games utilize random worlds with up to 35 environment combinations for a unique experience every time you restart a game from the main menu.

Bluetooth Joystick Support

Bluetooth controller support is active and enabled, available in the in game settings panel via the BT joystick icon. We have tested with XBOX, PS4, Strata, and Steel Series joysticks. If you have a joystick that is xbox/ps4 compatible, please test and let us know what brand works or doesn’t work.

Bluetooth Menu Controls
Left stick – navigate cursor
Button A – Make Selection
Back Button – Exit to menu/ Back to parent category

Bluetooth Controls During Flight
Left stick (Up/Down) – Altitude (Acro mode Y axis = throttle)
Left Stick (Left/Right) – Yaw Vehicle
Right Stick – Pitch fwd/back (Non acro up is throttle forward)
Right Stick (Left/Right) – Strafe left and right
Right Trigger – Fire guns
Left Trigger – Fire Missiles (10 at start, 3 after dying)
Right Bumper – Boost on/off
Button B – Cycle Cameras
Button X- Toggle Gimbal
Button Y – Open/Close Settings Panel
DPad (Left/Right) – Cycle Presets
DPad (Up/Down) – Change gimbal angle in FPV camera mode.
Back Button – Exit to menu

Quadriem Pro Minimum Requirements

Android 6 or later with 4gb ram or more.


Device no more than 3 years old with 8mb ram.

Quadriem Pro Demo

An unlimited time Quadriem Demo is available to check if Quadriem Pro will run on your device. Please try the demo to see if your device specs meet the minimum requirements.

Quadriem demo for Android

Quadriem demo for iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Feedback Suggestions

You are always welcome to send feedback/suggestions so that we can improve this title.