Stones is a challenging puzzle game to play on your mobile phone.

Stones Puzzle Game

The mystery of the Stones

Stones Puzzle Game is an app that develops a player’s problem solving skills. Can you solve the mystery of the stones? The Stones puzzle game is simple in concept, and easily becomes one of the most challenging puzzle apps. At first, each stone is connected to one other stone. Then the same stone becomes connected to two stones. Then three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. How many connections can your brain handle? Probably more than you think. Can you complete all Master boards in both game modes?

The objective in Stones Puzzle Game is to flip the game board’s stones face up or down, to match the winning board pattern. Pieces are “up” or “down” and each stone moves more and more stones on the board as you progress.

Stones Puzzle Game Features

Stones Puzzle Game features two game modes, three difficulty levels, seven game board patterns and seven themes. There are also over 40 achievements in Google Play and Apple’s Game Center to unlock.

The two game modes require your brain to use two different strategies to solve the puzzle using logic, or intuition. Play Stones logically or use your intuition. Three difficulty levels will progressively become more and more difficult. Easy, Normal, and Master. Trust us when we believe only the top 1% of the top 1% players will complete all board configurations on Master. Even as you approach completion of Normal, your brain power will be increased in memory and concentration.

Seven themes transform the game board providing you with a variety of different visuals and sound and music. Leader boards and achievements will boost your gamer profile.

Stones Puzzle Game on Google Play

Stones Puzzle Game How to Play Game Manual & Tips

Basic Gameplay

Your objective is to match the board pattern at the top of the screen, before the time runs out. When the round starts, the CPU will mix up the board. Touch stones to flip them until the board matches.


Flipping a stone will always flip at least 1 other stone, called a mover. The number of movers always equals the current level.
Example: At Level 3, each stone moves 3 other stones.


Completing all the rounds takes you to the next level. Levels will contain more number of rounds at higher difficulty levels. Easy has the lowest number of rounds and Master has the most number of rounds.

The number of moves the CPU uses to scramble the board equals the round number.

Example: At Round 3, the CPU performs 3 taps to mix up the board, so it is possible to solve the board in just 3 moves, if you tap the same 3 stones the CPU tapped. At Round 7, the CPU will tap 7 stones to mix up the board. This also means it is possible to solve the board in 7 moves.

Tip: In the above example, if you make 4+ moves on Round 3, and haven’t solved the board you might try the Scroll of Reversal. The scroll will reset the board. It is not necessary to solve the board in 3 moves, but the fastest way to solve any board is to reverse what the CPU has done to mix the board. Additionally, the faster you solve a board, the more points you will earn.


The Scroll of Reversal at the bottom is used to return the board to the round start. Use this if you mess up the board. This does not NOT restart time.

Reversing becomes more useful in later Rounds if you become lost.

Menu – Pausing Game, Audio / Video Options

The menu button at Top Left corner will pause the game. You can change game options from the pause menu if you select the Audio / Video menu item.

Sound – You can adjust the master volume with the slider. Left reduces the volume, Right increases the volume.
Music – Control the volume for music. Left reduces the volume, Right increases the volume.
Graphic Quality – The game will set a suggested quality for your device. You can decrease the quality by moving the slider Left. Moving the slider Right will increase the quality. Note at higher graphic settings, older devices may reduce performance of the game making the game difficult to play, or make the game unplayable.

Game Screens

Title / Main Menu Screen

  • Mute and Un-Mute all sound by tapping the icon at the upper left.
  • Stats – Tap the icon in the upper right corner to view your game statistics.
  • Choose Game – Set up which Board, Mode, and Level, and Theme to start on.
  • How to Play – view a brief version of how to play Stones.
  • Log out / Log on – Android only. Allows you to log off and log on with a different Google Play Games profile.

Choose Game Screen

Tap the scrolls to cycle through the options. The four scrolls at the top will adjust the game board solution, difficulty, mode, and Level. The lower two scrolls will select the Theme, and also provide a short description of options.

From this screen you can go “Back” to the main menu, or “Start Game” right away.

Game Screen

On this screen the top will display the winning board configuration, just so you can remember which stones should be UP or DOWN. The current Level is shown and the Moves (Round) that the CPU made to scramble the board. Below the winning board icon is your Score for this session.
At the bottom of the screen is the time left to solve the board. As you increase in Level and Moves (Round), the time given to solve the board increases dramatically.

  • Mute and Un-Mute all sound by tapping the icon at the upper left.
  • Scroll of Reversal is at the bottom of the screen and will revert the board to it’s starting state.
  • Down arrow at the very bottom of the game screen will pause the game and show options to Resume, Quit to Main Menu, or adjust Audio / Video.
  • Stats – View your game statistics.

Statistics Screen

This screen shows your statistics on all 7 game board patterns. Tap the large left and right arrows to cycle through all the game boards.
Each board will show your highest score in Easy, Normal, and Master, on both Logic and Intuition!
Progress shows how many boards you have solved in Easy, Normal and Master on both Logic and Intuition game modes. 100% complete means you have solved all board patterns at Master Logic and Master Intuition.
Overall displays your total score across all game boards, on all modes and levels. This is you leaderboard score.

Leaderboards can be viewed if you have a wifi or data connection. Tap the Leaderboard icon at the top-center-right to show Google Play Games leader-board, or Apple Game Center leader-board.
Achievements icon at the top-center-left shows your achievements. There are 48 achievements to unlock!

Game Modes

Logic Game Mode: All movers are connected to the stone you flip. This creates blocks of stones that are connected. Patterns are easy to see.

Intuition Game Mode: The board will have random, far away connections. Memory and logic is not possible in intuition mode. Tap away on stones and let your subconscious mind do the work. To an observer this looks confusing, but you will “know” which stones are connected. See how far your intuition can take you!

More Tips for Stones Puzzle Game

Flip a stone to check it’s connections, and flip it again to undo it. Doing this many times on one stone repeatedly can help you memorize its connections.

If you solve the board without the Scroll of Reversal, you may learn more about the connections on the board by trial and error. Learning the connections will help you later on as more movers are added in each Round.

Go Zen. This game may often cause you to block out everything around you. This is your brain entering a deeper level of concentration. Don’t forget to look up or you may miss your stop, or forget the time, or flood your lawn.

Find your theme. Some people will prefer to stay on Zen, one of our our most basic themes. Others players need different levels of stimulation. Find a theme that fits your wavelength. Each theme has an energy. We don’t recommend it, but you can turn lower the sound volume if that helps, or completely mute every sound in the game.

Stone FX and sounds will indicate if you found a CPU move. Memorize the CPU stones on the board when you discover them! Use revert, and these CPU stones to solve the board.

Try different strategies. Some people are good at learning the connections, and some will memorize other things like sound effects and visuals, and others will user Revert to find all the “movers.”

About Connections

Connections build upon existing connections. This means connections a stone has at level 1, will be preserved and added to at level 2. At level 3, another connection will be added to the those that existed at level 2, and so on. Observant players will not discard what they have learned from the previous Rounds, and will have an edge in solving more rounds the more connections they can retain in their mind.

Connections do not last from game to game – only within a game session. If you do restart Stones Puzzle Game app or quit and start a new game, you will have to memorize the new connections for that game. It will be more difficult to play a board starting at Level 5 for example, compared to playing from Level 1 and reaching Level 5. If you play from Level 1, you will be more familiar with how the stones have grown connected from each previous level.

If your device has a Bluetooth connection to your car’s stereo, go to Choose Game from the Main screen and cycle through the themes to enjoy the soundtrack of each theme!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing Stones Puzzle Game. We hope you enjoy the game and we would love to hear your feedback. We’ve crafted the Stones Puzzle Game to challenge you for hours and hours using two different modes of your mind. -Team 54 Bones